October 2014 update: We have fought long and hard to make this a reality. Unfortunately, it looks as if it will not be possible after all. There was only one foundry who was willing to even try and produce our merchandise, and they have decided that it will not be possible for them to do after all. This is bitterly disappointing. It appears that Made in the USA remains an impossible dream, at least for now. Hopefully this will change eventually.

Welcome to Spring! This season at Brass & Silver Traditions brings some exciting news. As most of you know, all of our brass products are currently manufactured in the same factory that made all of the products formerly produced by both Baldwin Brass and Virginia Metalcrafters. While that factory produces the best quality to be found on India, it has long been a goal of mine to local a brass foundry here in the United States that could produce even a small number of our products. Years of searching led nowhere. Sadly, the only US factory that would even consider such an undertaking was cost prohibitive. To have them make a candle holder that is currently selling for $35.00, for example, the US made version of the same item would have retailed for $650.00. Given that problem, I abandoned all hope of finding any way to introduce a Made in the USA product line.I came to the conclusion that if long standing companies like VM and Baldwin couldn't manage to produce brass wares in the US, then a fledgling company like mine certainly wasn't going to have any better luck.

Today, I am so very happy to announce that I have located a foundry who can sand cast brass products for Brass & Silver. While I don't have a launch date yet, I just couldn't contain this exciting information for any longer! Initially, there will be only a few products available. The product development cost is significant. That means I will only be able to design a few items at a time. Eventually, I hope to have a broad range of candle holders, trivets, sconces, and accessories available. Naturally the cost for these pieces will be higher than the price of the ones made in India. I feel strongly, though, that not only is it well worth the extra price, it is vitally important to have Made in the USA products available. It is my hope that you will support Brass & Silver Traditions in the endeavor.

The first US produced items will be redesigned versions similar to the Brass Candle Follower, the Brass Pillar Adapter, and the Hurricane Adapter. To be notified when the new versions of these items are available, you can add your name to the waiting list by clicking the Put Me on the Waiting List link available on the existing product pages. Once those products are available, I will begin work on redesigns of some candle holders. If you have any specific types of products that you would love to see, please let me know.

Thank you as always for reading, and for your support!


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