Soft Mint Fragrance Warmer
Front view of Soft Mint Fragrance Warmer Showing Precision-Cut Details

Soft Mint Fragrance Warmer

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Price: $19.99
Beautiful Soft Mint Fragrance Warmer with Precision-Cut detailing
Part Number: RWSMN
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The Soft Mint Fragrance Warmer has a soft Matte finish in mint color glaze for the perfect pop of color in your house. This fragrance warmer highlights a precision-cut design allowing more light the be let out when in use.  
  • Quickly releases fragrance with no flame, smoke, or soot

  • Warming bulb melts wax in dish releasing fragrance into your home

  • Eliminates risks of burning candles indoors such as fire hazard, smoke damage, and indoor air pollution

  • Each Fragrance Warmer adds the perfect touch to any home decor style with their warmth and elegance  

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