Slim Wall Sconce, Brass
Shown with our Savannah Glass Globe, included with sconce.

Slim Wall Sconce, Brass

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Elegance is the first word that came to us when we saw this contemporary sconce. The long, sleek design of this sconce is perfect for slim wall spaces. Made of solid brass, which is lacquered to maintain an effortless shine. The sconce measures 17 1/4 inches in length, and 3 inches across at it's widest point. This sconce sits 4-3/4" from the wall at its farthest point. Includes our Savannah Hurricane Globe, which is approximately 7 inches tall. Weighs 2 pounds, 3 ounces. Please note that at this time hanging hardware is not included with the sconces. This sconce is generally hung with a nail through a hidden opening on the back of the sconce.


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