Silver Candle Follower
Set of two silver candle followers

Silver Candle Follower

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Set of 2 candle followers for 7/8" candles, cast of solid brass and finished with a heavy silver plating.
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Sold as a set of two pieces, these heavy nickel plated over brass Candle Followers will last a lifetime. Will fit 7/8" straight sided candles. For that extra look of elegance and extended burn time without dripping. Followers are 1-1/2" high. 

Please note that candle followers are made for use on straight sided candles. They can still be used on tapering candles, but the thin tip of the candle will stick up through the follower for the first part of the candle's burn time. For stability purposes, we strongly recommend that only 100% beeswax candles are used when burning candles with followers. Candles of lower quality have burn times that are too rapid, which may cause the followers to tilt while burning. If you prefer to use non-beeswax candles, you can correct the tilt periodically by simply straightening the followers when they list to the side.

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