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Q:Our church got some brass followers that must have been lacquered (which no one told me) so when I cleaned them I did so as regular polished brass and the lacquer started coming off. Now what do I do?

A:Once the lacquer begins to come off, we recommend using a lacquer thinner to remove the rest of it. You can find this in the paint department of most any hardware store. Once you have done that, then you can begin to polish with a regular brass cleaner.

Q:Does using wax remover on a lacquered brass follower remove the lacquer or was it the popsicle stick and fingernails that would do it?

A:Using any sort of cleaner can potentially damage the lacquer. We suggest using only a damp cloth to clean the brass and pewter items. It is also helpful to burn only candles of 100% beeswax, and these candles with mostly burn off, leaving very little in the way of drips.

Q: How should I clean my brass products?
Almost all of our brass and pewter products are lacquered. This clear coating has the effect of sealing the metal, which prevents dulling and tarnishing. To clean lacquered items, all that is needed is a soft cloth. This will remove fingerprints and other marks, restoring the original shine of your items. Silver items are treated with an anti-tarnish finish to help keep them shining. They are not lacquered, as this dulls the high polish of the silver items. Wiping with a soft cloth should restore most of the shine. With the silver plated items, it may eventually be necessary to use silver polish to restore their original shine.

Is your brass lacquered?

Yes, all of our brass items are lacquered to keep the brass shining without needing to polish the items.

Q: How long does the anti-tarnish finish keep the silver plated items shining?

It depends on the atmosphere where the silver is being kept. The finish is affected by humidity, temperature changes, and air circulation. If you prefer lower maintenance, you may want consider our pewter finish.

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