Pretty Wick'd Pot O' Gold Soap
Swirled rainbow soap bar with white soap frosting topped with gold disks

Pretty Wick'd Pot O' Gold Soap

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Price: $10.00
This beautiful rainbow-colored soap will make you feel like you've struck gold every time you use it! Topped with cloud-like soap frosting and golden soap coins.
Part Number: PWS113
Availability: In Stock
This item is still curing and will be ready for use on February 25, 2021.

Probably our most ambitious soap-making project to date, the Pot o' Gold soap is a wonder to behold! The base of the soap is a swirl of rainbow colors. This is topped with shimmery white clouds of soap frosting, and topped with golden soap coins. Its so pretty you may not want to use it! We won't blame you if you don't - sometimes we gather around the curing rack and just stare at it ourselves! Made with shea butter and coconut oil for great moisturizing. This soap is vegan and palm free. Handmade in Oregon. 

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