Pretty Wick'd Morning Coffee Soap
Morning Coffee soap has real coffee grounds and a fresh coffee scent.

Pretty Wick'd Morning Coffee Soap

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Price: $7.00
A hand crafted vegetable-based glycerin soap embedded with real coffee grounds and a refreshing coffee scent. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.
Part Number: PWS120
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This glycerin soap is an invigorating part of our Birthday Collection! Designed by Alexa, one of our March birthdays, this glycerin soap is a great way to get yourself up and ready for the day with its coffee scent and real coffee bits. If you love the smell of your morning coffee even when you don't have that cuppa joe in your hand, then this is the perfect soap for you!

The handmade nature of this soap means that each bar is unique, and no two bars will look alike. 

Weighs approximately 4.5 ounces per bar. 

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