Maid's Chamberstick
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Maid's Chamberstick

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Simple, yet elegant, the Maid's Chamberstick features an extra-wide base to catch and wax drips. Cast of solid brass.
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Whether you are the maid or not you will treasure this Maid's Chamberstick as both lovely and practical. The large diameter pan not only will catch all the drips but it is the perfect receptacle for paper clips, pins, pen nibs, change or whatever. Accommodates a standard 7/8" candle, or consider adding a pegged votive candle holder for a unique look.

This lovely heirloom quality Maid's Chamberstick in solid brass measures 3" high and an impressive 6" in diameter with a 7/8" socket. The brass is lacquered to keep it shining, the base is felted to protect fine finishes. Weight: 12 ounces.

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