Heavy Duty Replacement Feet for Trivets, Set of Six
Trivet feet sold in sets of six. Click image to enlarge.

Heavy Duty Replacement Feet for Trivets, Set of Six

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While our small trivet feet are unavailable, we recommend giving this alternative a try.

Sold in sets of six pieces, these jumbo sized black rubber trivet feet measure 1/2 inch long, and have an opening of 1/4 inch in diameter. Made to replace missing or damaged feet on our trivets. These trivet feet are stiff, not stretchy. With flat bottoms instead of rounded ones, the large feet are a bit less refined in appearance, but more durable than our smaller Replacement Feet for Trivets. 

We recommend securing the rubber feet to your trivets with adhesive to prevent them from falling off of the trivet. The trivet feet are intended for use on trivets with legs of approximately 1/4 inch in diameter.


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