September is here! Summer is always glorious, but there is something about the beginning of the Fall season that just makes me happy. I love the thought of falling leaves and warm cider in the evenings, pumpkin patches and cool days. Autumn makes me reminiscent. This year, I was reminiscing about Brass & Silver Traditions, and all of the ups and downs my little company has experienced since it's humble beginnings in 2005. Things sure have changed, and will of course continue to do so. I will look forward to those changes, and try to makes things even better as we go. One of the things I miss from the earlier days of B&ST is our old flat rate shipping option. It was so simple for everyone. Unfortunately, that option was abandoned a few years ago in favor of live shipping rates from UPS and USPS. This decision was made because shipping is just expensive. There isn't really any way to get around that, and we were losing way too much money in shipping expenses. Most of our shipments cost a minimum of $12.00. We actually reduce the shipping price quoted to our residential customers by using UPS commercial delivery rates, so when you pay $11.00 in shipping, we are actually paying about $13.00. Expensive for all of us! Still, I sorely miss the simplicity of flat rate shipping. I have decided to bring back this choice to all of our customers in the contiguous 48 states through the end of September. You can get the full details on our Promotions page, but here are the basics: Orders up to $25.00 can choose $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping Orders between $25.00 and $75.00 can choose $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping It's that simple! Take advantage of this promotion while you can. I suggest filling your home with lots of Green and Yellow Pegged Votive holders, or some of our Fall Colored Glitter Pillar Candles. I know I have these all over my house in honor of the approaching season, and it makes me feel warm and festive every day. Happy Autumn! Cheers, Laura Brass & Silver Traditions

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