Earth Day Soap by Pretty Wick'd
Top view showing soap flowers on Earth Day Soap

Earth Day Soap by Pretty Wick'd

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Price: $8.00
This handmade Soap was made in honor of Earth Day and is Palm-free and vegan. Handmade in Oregon.
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This handmade soap was designed to celebrate Earth Day. Swirling green and brown colors topped with an adorable soap flower makes the perfect soap bar to celebrate the earth everyday. Due to the handmade nature of each bar, no two are alike and may very in size and color.

We produce this soap using traditional cold process methods. Once the soap has been removed from the mold and cut, it is placed on the curing racks where it is allowed to cure for six weeks until it has reach its ideal hardness. 

This soap is vegan and palm free. Handmade in Oregon. 

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