Colonial Seed Glass Globe
This is our newly redesigned Colonial Seed Glass.

Colonial Seed Glass Globe

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Based on Early American glass blowing, this hurricane glass globe has a beautiful bubbled design throughout the glass.
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Sold out. Please measure your candle holders very carefully prior to ordering. Even 1/8 inch difference in diameter can cause the glass to not fit. Base diameter measurements are outside edge to outside edge of the glass.

This hurricane globe was made in the style of the classic Early American seed glass. The outer base diameter of the globe is 1 5/8 inches, but the base can also be wrapped with adhesive foam to create a 1 3/4" hurricane stem. The globe stands 9 1/2 inches tall including the 1 inch stem and has a top opening of 4 5/8 inches. Please do note that all of our glass products are blown glass, therefore, they may vary slightly from batch to batch. Imperfections will be present, and are considered normal.

Please note that when ordering the 1 3/4 inch diameter globes, the bases will come wrapped with adhesive foam to cushion and secure the glass in your hurricane socket. If you are ordering a smaller base diameter, we can include strips of the adhesive foam upon request. Just indicate that you would like us to include foam strips in the comments box during checkout.

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