Did you know? Many of our clients are set designers. Brass & Silver Traditions products make regular appearances in stage, television, and film productions. Most recently, we sent a shipment of items to the set of Vampire Diaries. Be on the lookout for our candle holders and sconces in their next season! Our Aria Hammered Wall Sconce is one of the products they will be using:

Keep looking! You will also be able to find our Tall Saucer Base Candle Holder, our Double Arm Oval Sconce, and our Heritage Candelabra.

Have you ever been to a Blue Man Group show? If so, you may have seen our Colonial Chamberstick in Pewter! Blue Man productions all over the world use these, so we are actually sold out of the pewter finish. Our classic brass version is still in stock:

Currently filming for release in 2016 is a remake of the TV mini-series Roots. In that production, you will be able to spot several of our items. Be on the lookout for the Wellington Hurricane Candlestick in Pewter:

Other products being used by the Roots crew include the Heritage Hurricane Candelabra in Pewter, the Double Arm Oval Sconce in Pewter, and the Astor Double Arm Hurricane Sconce in Pewter. We can't wait to see the mini-series on the History Channel in 2016!

These are just a few of our products that have made their show business debuts. Be sure to have a look at our full product line to choose something beautiful to be the star of your home decor!

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