Candle Shades and Carriers

Solid brass candle followers with shade carrier tops for enhancing your candle lighting decor

When we first heard of this product, it was from a customer requesting "a candle follower with a little hat on top." Well, we had never heard of such a thing, but over the next few months several similar requests came in. As a result, we set out on a mission to discover exactly what people were trying to find. After looking long and hard, we located an item called a Shade Carrier in the UK. So we immediately began working on a prototype to fill these requests. Here is the result, and we couldn't be happier with the result. These shades and carriers are an easy way to make a stunning candle lighting presentation.

For stability purposes, we strongly recommend that only 100% beeswax candles are used when burning candles with shades and carriers. Candles of lower quality have burn times that are too rapid, which will cause the shades to tilt while burning. Tilting can still occur, although at a slower rate, with beeswax candles. You can correct the tilt periodically by simply straightening the shades when they list to the side. As with any flame, never leave burning candles unattended.

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Candle Shade Carrier, Pewter
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Cassidy Candle Shade with Carrier, Pewter
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Cassidy Candle Shade, Pewter
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Candle Shade Carrier, Silver
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Cassidy Candle Shade, Silver
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