Classic Candle Sconces

Our entire selection of candle sconces are expertly crafted of solid brass. Silver sconces are treated with an anti-tarnish finish, and pewter and polished brass sconces are lacquered for easy maintenance, and long lasting beauty.

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Pineapple Wall Sconce, Silver
Average Rating(1)
$90.00  $50.00
35 currently available
Pineapple Wall Sconce, Pewter
$90.00  $70.00
28 currently available
Octagonal Wall Sconce, Pewter
$80.00  $55.00
16 currently available
Fleur-de-Lis Votive Sconce, Pewter
$150.00  $75.00
13 currently available
Double Arm Oval Sconce, Pewter
Average Rating(1)
$70.00  $50.00
10 currently available
Aria Hammered Wall Sconce in Pewter
Average Rating(1)
$105.00  $70.00
8 currently available
Astor Double Arm Sconce, Pewter
1 currently available
Oval Wall Sconce
Average Rating(3)
0 currently available