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Replacement Hurricane Globes

Brass & Silver Traditions is one of the only companies in the US producing replacement hurricane glass products. We are expanding our selection of sizes and designs as finances permit. If you don't see the size you need, please let us know so we can try to produce the size you need in the future.

When ordering the larger diameter globes, the bases may come wrapped with adhesive foam to cushion and secure the glass in your hurricane socket. If you are ordering a smaller base diameter, we can include strips of the adhesive foam upon request. Just indicate that you would like us to include foam strips in the comments box during checkout.

It is vital to measure your candle holders very carefully prior to ordering. Even 1/8 inch difference in diameter can cause the glass to not fit. Keep in mind that the diameter of the opening in your hurricane socket needs to be larger than the diameter of the globe's stem. All size categories are outer edge to outer edge measurements. Feel free to call or email if you need assistance determining the size you need. 

Each and every item we sell is hand inspected prior to shipping. Only items meeting our rigorous quality standards are sent to customers. All of our glass products are blown glass and hand finished, therefore, some imperfections will be present and are considered normal. Given their hand finished nature, our merchandise is not expected to be flawless. In addition, glass may vary slightly in exact size, shape, and weight from batch to batch.

We also offer custom design and production to your specifications. All custom design projects have required minimum quantities and non-refundable tooling fees. Please contact Laura ([email protected]) to discuss your custom design needs.

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Flare Trumpet Colored Hurricane Globe
Quantity on hand: 229
Frosted Trumpet Hurricane Globe
Average Rating(2)
Quantity on hand: 37
Tall Trumpet Hurricane Globe, 1 5/8
Average Rating(21)
Quantity on hand: 24
Short Trumpet Hurricane Globe
Average Rating(3)
Quantity on hand: 22
Petite Trumpet Hurricane Globe
Average Rating(6)
Quantity on hand: 10
Savannah Hurricane Globe
Average Rating(15)
Quantity on hand: 1
Colonial Seed Glass Globe
Average Rating(3)
Quantity on hand: 0
Union Etched Hurricane Globe
$65.00  $40.00
Quantity on hand: 0
Pineapple Cut Glass Hurricane Globe
Average Rating(9)
Quantity on hand: 0
Vintage Grape Etched Hurricane Glass
Average Rating(1)
Quantity on hand: 0
Vintage Floral Etched Hurricane Glass
Quantity on hand: 0
Vintage Cut Glass Hurricane Globe
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