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Questions about Factory Seconds

7/22/2011 by Holly M.

Q: Are your Factory Seconds refundable?

A: No, unfortunately the high shipping and handling costs involved makes offering refunds on these products impractical for both us and our customers.
Factory Seconds are sold AS IS, and at a loss. Therefore, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on purchases of Factory Seconds. The imperfections in these items are minor, and cosmetic in nature.

Q: Can I get free shipping with Factory Seconds items?

A: No, our free shipping promotion does not apply to Factory Seconds. These products are already being sold at a loss, so free shipping is not offered when purchasing Factory Seconds. However, if you purchase $200 or more of regular products in the same order as your Factory Seconds then the free shipping will apply to the entire order.

Q: Can you describe the imperfections in your Factory Seconds?

A: Each item we sell is hand inspected prior to shipping. Merchandise with significant defects is recycled as scrap metal. Many pieces, though, have small blemishes, discoloration, or scratches that make them unsuitable to be sold at regular retail. When the imperfections can only be seen upon close inspection, we offer them for 50% off as Factory Seconds. Imperfections are cosmetic in nature.