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Glass Hurricane Shades

Whether you're in a need of a replacement for a broken hurricane shade, or simply wish to change it up a little and convert your standard item into a Hurricane product, Brass and Silver Traditions is here to help. We will do our best to offer the most desirable products possible!

Please be aware that while we do hand inspect each item prior to shipping, glass products are not expected to be flawless. Some imperfections will be present, and are considered normal. If you wish for completely flawless hurricane shades, we can custom design and make them to your specifications. The price range for these custom orders varies greatly, but is generally from $150 to $500 per piece. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Summit Cylinder Shade, 16
Average Rating(2)
$40.00  $25.00
Quantity on hand: 481
Clear Glass Cylinder Shade, 3 x 4
Average Rating(2)
Quantity on hand: 421
Lexington Hurricane Shade, Glass Only
Average Rating(6)
Quantity on hand: 375
Lexington Etched Glass Hurricane Shade
Average Rating(1)
$40.00  $25.00
Quantity on hand: 3