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General Product Questions

6/5/2010 by Laura Z

Q: Can you have an item engraved when purchasing from you?

A: We can occasionally arrange for engraving, but it is much better done locally so that you can see the exact font, size, and location where the engraving will be done. Trophy shops are the best place for having engraving done, but jewelers can also sometimes engrave smaller items. If, however, this is not possible for you, feel free to contact us for pricing and engraving time frame. Please note that engraved merchandise is not returnable.

What are candle followers used for? Is it just for appearances?

Candle followers serve two purposes. In addition to being beautiful, candle followers slow down the burn time of the candles. They also help to prevent candles from dripping as they burn. The followers we carry are made for use with 7/8 inch candles, and are intended for candles with straight sides. They can also be used with candles that taper, but these candles will stick up through the follower for the first few minutes of burning. Once the tip of the candle has burned down to the follower, it will work just fine.

How do I measure my candle follower so that the candles I purchase will fit it?

All of our candle followers are made for use on standard 7/8" straight sided candles. The bottom opening of the follower should measure around 1 to 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Since the followers are all finished by hand, there will be small differences in the exact size of the top openings. If not enough wick is showing when the followers are first placed on the candles, this can usually be remedied simply by pressing the followers down firmly onto the candles. You can also light the candles without the followers for a minute or two to soften the wax if need be, then put out the flame, place the followers on the candles, and relight. Also, candle followers can still be used on candles that taper, but the thin top of the candle will of course stick up through the top of the follower for a while. Once the candle burns down to the top opening of the follower, it will function just as it would on a straight sided candle.

What size candles do your candlesticks fit?

: Most of our candle sticks hold a standard 7/8 candle with the exception of our 1183s, 1180P, and 406-4C which hold a thin taper of . The pillar holders hold pillar candles that vary in sizes. The information for each pillar hold is listed in the details section of the individual product pages.

Q: Word meaning:What is the origin of the word "sconce?"

A sconce is a type of light fixture affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support, and the light is usually directed upwards. It does not have a base on the ground. The word applies both to traditional forms of torch lighting, but also to modern gas and electric lightsources affixed in the same way. The etymology of sconce is from the Latin absconsus, and the French esconce. It is a word of many meanings, mostly signifying a covering or protection, or, by extension, that which is covered or protected. Modern electric light fixture sconces are often used in hallways or corridors to provide both lighting and a point of interest in a long passage. Sconce height in a passageway is generally 3/4 of the distance up the wall as measured from the floor to the ceiling, and the distance between sconces on the wall is generally equal to the distance of the sconces from the floor, often alternating sides of the passageway. Sconce size should also be scaled to ceiling height.

Where can I find the dimensions of an item?

After selecting the item you wish to order, click on the picture of the item. There will be an item ID on the right hand side of the picture. Scroll down and there will be product detail directly below the picture(s) which will tell you the height, weight, and other product specifications.

Q: Do you carry Baldwin Brass or Virginia Metalcrafters products?

A: The Baldwin Brass company was purchased by Black and Decker several years ago, and they ceased production of all candle lighting and similar products. Virginia Metalcrafters went out of business in 2005. We have been fortunate enough to take over production of many of these designs using the same factory that was making them under the Baldwin and VM names. This merchandise is now being produced and packaged under the Brass and Silver Traditions brand name.

Q: How do I measure the base of my hurricane globe?

A: When measuring the base of your hurricane globe, measure the diameter from the outer edge of the base to the opposite outer edge of the base. Be careful when measuring the base because even 1/8 inch difference in diameter can cause the glass to not fit.

What are considered normal variations and blemishes in hurricane globes?

A: Since all of our hurricane glass products are blown glass, they may vary slightly from batch to batch. Height and shape will vary from lot to lot. Clear lines and small bubbles in the glass are considered normal blemishes.

Are your votive glass sold individually or in a set?

A: All of our votive cups are priced individually. If you are looking to purchase a large quantity, please contact us for bulk discount pricing.