FS Sconces

Welcome to our factory seconds outlet! All merchandise listed here is sold AS IS, and is non-refundable. Each of the products has been hand inspected and found to have imperfections making the items unsuitable for sale as first quality merchandise. The imperfections are cosmetic in nature, and will not effect the usability of the products. These flaws are small enough that we feel they can still be sold as seconds, so the products have been listed here at 50%or more off the original price.

Please note that no other coupons or discounts can be combined with our factory seconds prices. Since we are selling these items at a loss, all sales of Factory Seconds are final.

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Two Arm Oval Sconce, Silver Imperfect
$66.50  $40.00
3 currently available
Astor Double Arm Sconce, Imperfect
2 currently available
Astor Brass Candle Sconce, Imperfect
2 currently available
Octagonal Wall Sconce, Pewter Imperfect
$100.00  $50.00
2 currently available
Double Arm Oval Sconce, Imperfect
$65.00  $30.00
2 currently available
Oval Wall Sconce, Pewter Imperfect
1 currently available
Oval Hurricane Wall Sconce, Imperfect
$92.50  $46.25
0 currently available