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Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Questions

6/5/2010 by Laura Z
Information regarding engraving, product use, and other general questions.

New Products/Special Orders

7/1/2010 by Laura Z
Answers to your questions about custom design work and new products

Policies and Procedures

8/17/2011 by Holly M.
Non-product related questions

Product Care and Maintenance

7/15/2010 by Father J
Information about caring for your brass, silver, and pewter products

Questions about Factory Seconds

7/22/2011 by Holly M.
Information regarding our Factory Seconds

Shipping Questions

9/22/2008 by Dina B.
Information regarding our shipping speed and options. Shipping info is also available on our Policies page.

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Waiting List, Backorder and Out of Stock Questions

6/11/2012 by Holly M.
Information on our waiting list, back order and out of stock items.